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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to use your talents to help Northern Light Theatre as a volunteer. Please contact us if you want to be added to the list of people we call on for support, whether it is to help out as an usher or to work at one of our fundraising events, we would love to have you on our team.

 Download the Volunteer Application Form

To volunteer for NLT please contact General Manager Gina Moe at 780-471-1586 or email

Please note: All volunteers for bingos and casinos are required to be at least 18 years old


Ushering positions for our shows are not currently available due to CoVID-19. Please watch here for updates.

Bingo and Casino Volunteers

Dress Code:
Dress is professional/casual.  Wear appropriate shoes for walking, as the sellers will be on the floor walking for approximately 3 ½ hours for a regular bingo 5 ½ hours for a late night bingo.

Training / Responsibilities:
All volunteers will receive training before their shifts . Responsibilities include handing and counting out small amounts of cash, balancing your float, selling bingo cards, calling out bingos, and customer service.

Each volunteer will receive a 20 minute break where you can order a meal from Caesar’s Bingo’s concession (limited choice for special diet and vegetarian items). Each volunteer shift worked at an NLT bingo provides you with one voucher to see an upcoming NLT production.

Bingo Dates
NLT’s Bingo Fundraisers are currently suspended until Jan 2021. All of NLT’s Bingos take place at Caesar’s Bingo WEM, phase 3- directly under Simons.

2021 Casino
NLT Next Casino is Scheduled for Winter 2021.

Special Events

There are no upcoming special events at this time.


We would like to thank our volunteers who dedicate their time in support of Northern Light Theatre. Our Volunteers are vital towards NLT’s fundraising success, specifically dedicating hours of service towards our Bingo and Casinos and events such as the BATTLE FOR THE LIMELIGHT FUNDRAISER.

Thank you. If we have missed your name, we apologize – please contact NLT to update your information.

Jessy Ardern
Tomas Auston
Carol Auston
Elisa Benzer
John Boukouris
E Ross Bradley
Marian Brant
Leona Brausen
Raymond Brickwood
John Brisson
Lora Brovold
Nicole Bruner
Coralie Cairns
Darielle Corsaro
Mari Chartier
Brittany Clarke
Ellen Chorley
Heather Chorley
Heidi Collins-McCann
Beth Dart
Anna Davidson
Amy Defelice
Alison Dicey
Aimee Dittrich
Braeden Dittrich
David Dittrich
Morgan Donald
Brian Dooley
Emanuel Dubbeldam
Kiidra Duhault
Rob Evers
Karen Farkas
Sari Haas
Darrin Hagen
Dennie Hamaluik
Kristy Harcourt
Erin Hayes
Kristen Hiemstra
Stephanie Horvath
Ash Howard
John Hudson
Lana Michelle Hughes
Cindy Hurtig
Clyde Hurtig
Betty Hushlak
Heather Inglis
Ian Jackson
Jan Jackson
Cheryl Jameson
Julie Janczyn
James Jarvis
Kristin Johnston
Cameron Jorde
Janelle Jorde
Elizabeth Allison-Jorde
Jamie Kannekens
Pedram Kassiri
Sandra Keating
Walter Kehl
Veronica Keuchel
Darlene Kowalchuk
Ingrid Kottke
Joy Lardner
Karin Lauderdale
Nina Lawrence
Sterling Lawrence
Julianna Lee
Christine Lemermeyer
Doug Lemermeyer
Gillian Lemermeyer
Aline MacDonald
Janice MacDonald
Louise C. Mallory
Melody Manuel
Susan May
Gordon McCann
Rebecca Merkley
Adam Mitchell
Susie Moloney
Pete Morely
Harley Morrison
Maham Nadeem
Brendan Neary
Rebecca Nibitanga
Donal O’Beirne
Alice Oscar
David Owen
Chris Pederson
Ingrid Pederson
John Quinn
Sue Quon
Elva Rice
Jennifer Schewalje
Giorgia Severini
Jacquie Skeffington
Linette Smith
Katie Snowden
Rhonda Soderstrom
Elaine Solez
Nicole St.Martin
Kimberlee Stadelmann
Kate Stashko
Judy McFerran Stelck
Leland Stelck
Davina Stewart
Hitomi Suzuta
Ron Taylor
Jake Tkaczyk
Melissa Thinglestad
Mieka Tilley
Shirley Tran
Holly Turner
Erin Valentine
Parazanda Valois
Pierre Valois
Catherine Voisin
Mike Webb
Randy Williams
Janet Wright
Theresa Wynn
Doris Yeo
Anna Zelensky