An Accident — NLT 2006

Governance & Policy

Northern Light Theatre’s governance is overseen by our dedicated Board of Directors, who volunteer their time on behalf of the company. These brave individuals believe in NLT’s mandate and philosophy of artistic risk balanced with fiscal responsibility, providing the company and staff with both guidance and support.

Northern Light Theatre is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT) and engages under the terms of the Canadian Theatre Agreement (CTA), professional artists who are members of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association (CAEA)

NLT is an enthusiastic participant in NOT IN OUR SPACE – a national anti-harassment and respectful workplace collaboration campaign between the CAEA and PACT, seeking to ensure healthy and productive working conditions for all professionals working in live performance across the country.

Statement on Equity


Northern Light Theatre (NLT) will promote an inclusive, equitable and accessible organization where every member, subscriber, actor, director, producer, manager, volunteer, staff and board member can realize their potential and have their contributions valued.

  • Northern Light Theatre recognizes that discrimination and racism have no place in our community.
  • Northern Light Theatre recognizes that we must work individually and collectively to build a safe and inclusive society where racism and discrimination are not tolerated.
  • Northern Light Theatre recognizes that ongoing systemic discrimination against racialized communities exists.
  • Northern Light Theatre believes that as an organization we need to listen, learn, and grow and do better for our theatre community, our community, and our country.

Northern Light Theatre is committed to developing and maintaining a diverse organization that reflects, learns, changes and is responsive to, and embraces the diversity of our communities; respecting and valuing all people.

Adopting and following in the guidance of “Not In Our Space,” Northern Light Theatre will create a place where all artists feel welcomed to work and support NLT and to create a respectful engagement process.


Northern Light Theatre commits to:

  • being open and transparent. 
  • create an environment that promotes and treats everyone with dignity and respect.
  • create an environment in which individual uniqueness are embraced and the contributions of all team members are recognized and valued.
  • facilitate change. 
  • initiate on-going conversations about equity and ensure there is a broad representation of voices. 
  • keep organizational accountability
  • promote equality in the workplace. 

As an organization, Northern Light Theatre desires to learn and understand more about inclusion, anti-racism, inequity, and discrimination in order to grow as a Board and organization. Statements are not the only way to dialogue. Our organization must take concrete action. As a Board, we will continue to review, research, engage, and learn what we can do to make changes within our organization, within ourselves and within our community.


No Policy or process is effective without making a commitment to action.

Action 1: NLT will engage in equity conversations at all board meetings, general meetings, projects and shows.
Action 2: NLT will seek community feedback on the equity statement and processes and will review this statement annually.
Action 3: NLT will provide equity training opportunities for board and committee members, staff and volunteers. NLT will commit resources to supporting equity as a process and outcome.
Action 4: NLT will continue to review policies and processes (formal and informal) through an equity lens and will review processes to identify any potential bias.
Action 5: NLT will actively recruit so that the board, committees, staff, and volunteers may be more reflective of the community, and will strive to engage similarly diverse donors and sponsors.