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Theatre is a transitory art form and we celebrate that in many ways. One of the joys of seeing a play is the ‘live’ nature of the event — knowing that never again will it be performed in quite that way, with that specific group of people. But if that live element of a production can never be captured, how do we record theatre, and the process of making theatre for future generations? What record do we leave behind of the work we produced and how we produced it?

As theatre is by its nature fleeting and ephemeral, these records are the key to exploring past productions, as well as the general history of the Northern Light Theatre (NLT).

There is a treasure trove of material spanning back to the early years of NLT, please feel free to explore it!

Heritage Community Investment Program
Northern Light Theatre is supported by the Edmonton Heritage Council and the City of Edmonton.

Edmonton Heritage Council

2020 / 2021

Women of a Certain Age

2019 / 2020

Confessions & Obsessions

2018 / 2019

A Woman's Body

2017 / 2018

The Virgin, The Whore and Something In Between

2016 / 2017

Secrets, Anxiety and Untimely Death

2015 / 2016

A Celebration of 40 Years

2014 / 2015

Girls/Boys // Boys/Girls

2013 / 2014

Alliances, Betrayal, and Getting Screwed