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May 9, 2018

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  2. 2017 /2018 SEASON IS A WRAP



by Darrin Hagen and Trevor Schmidt

Everyone’s favourite NaturElle Girls have returned to dispense more knowledge on navigating the harsh wildness and even harsher elementary school playground. Get your first look at this outrageously funny and touching new sequel to the Sterling Award winning production of "Flora & Fawna's Field Trip! (With Fleurette!)".


After a sold out run at Northern Light Theatre, Calgary's Lunchbox Theatre and the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, NaturElle Girls Flora & Fawna (and also Fleurette!) are back with a second offering of how to survive bears, beavers and bullies. Staring Guys in Disguise’s Darrin Hagen (right), NLT’s own Trevor Schmidt (centre) and L’UniTheatre’s former Artistic Director, Brian Dooley (left).

"We are the three founding members of this inclusive, non-exclusionary, all-encompassing multicultural tolerant non-binary non-judgmental preteen community collective for likeminded cooperative progressive members. And No Mean Girls."

Queen Alexandra Community Hall
10425 University Ave.

Saturday, June 2, 2018
Cocktails at 6:30 pm, Performance at 7:30 pm

Don’t miss this exclusive, one night only performance!  

All tickets $30.00. Tickets available online at, or by calling Northern Light Theatre (780) 471-1586.

This is a licensed event. Must be 18 years and older to attend.


"Field trips are a sneaky way to make us learn stuff without us realizing it… Now is the part of the meeting where we will see how many of you have intimate knowledge of beaver."

2017-2018, IT'S A WRAP!

The Madonna, The Whore and
Something In-Between

The 2017-2018 season is officially wrapped! We would like to thank our company of artists for their dedication and hard work this past season, our funders, donors, and sponsors for their ongoing support, and our adventurous audience members for making this year such a grand success! We surpassed all of our box-office goals with stand out reviews and even a little controversy surrounding the work we presented. 

In 2017-2018 we presented an exciting year of theatre under the umbrella of “The Madonna, The Whore and Something In-Between”; three plays all meant to stimulate conversation and challenge our hierarchy of values around women’s sexuality.

THE TESTAMENT OF MARY, by Colm Tobin, had its detractors even before the play publically opened.  NLT’s posters were ripped down along Whyte Avenue, we received some letters of complaint by mail and online, and even a petition (from another province) all from people protesting the play on principle. None had seen production. Fortunately this did not deter attendance and Holly Turner’s graceful and thought-provoking performance garnered rave reviews.  THE TESTAMENT OF MARY was one of NLT’s best-attended shows of the season, proving that our audience actively seeks out intellectually challenging, emotionally driven theatre that takes risks. 

DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME by local playwright Cat Walsh, featured Nicole St. Martin, Brian Dooley and Steve Jodoin in a bilingual production Co-Presented with L’UniTheatre.  This satirical period play, set in 1963 Montreal, took a very human look at rigid Catholic tradition through the eyes of a 12-year old girl, wryly presenting just how far women have come in the last half century and alluding to how far there is still left to go.

SLUT, our closing production by Brenda McFarlane, with its spitfire performance by actress Michelle Todd capped off our season with its unapologetic examination of slut-shaming and a woman’s autonomy over her own sexuality with considerable humour and levity. This production also had one of the boldest set designs of the season with the word S.L.U.T spelt out in 12-foot high marquee letters.

NLT is a company that is inspired by captivating story telling and we will not shy away from controversial topics to do so. Little did we know when the plays and themes for NLT’s 2017-2018 season were selected back in the winter of 2016 that our society was on the verge of the “Me Too” and “No More” movements. Artistic Director Trevor Schmidt proves year after year his uncanny ability to program plays to that are often just ahead of the cultural zeitgeist, whether it’s 2015’s THE PINK UNICORN - which tackled gender identity and GSA’s in schools, or 2016’s WISH - that examined the nature of human vs. animal rights.

At NLT we strongly desire to provide our audiences with a safe place for meaningful dialogue through our productions and our professionally guided outreach events. If you have not taken in our specially curated Director’s Circle Preshow, detailing the production’s evolution from the first read to opening night, The Wednesday Night Guest Speaker Salon, with its expert panel delving deeper into the background and themes of each play, or learned more about the artist’s process at our Thursday Night Talk Back, featuring members from the artistic team, we highly recommend that you consider taking one of our Salon Events next year.


Holly Turner in THE TESTMENT OF MARY, by Colm Tobin
Costume & Set Design by Trevor Schmidt / Lighting Design by Adam Tsuyoshi Turnbull
Photo Ian Jackson Epic Photography

The small house where Mary was supposedly taken by the Apostle John after the Crucifixion sits on a mountaintop in Ephesus in Turkey. Irish Playwright Colm Toibin sets his play, The Testament of Mary, in this modest abode.  She is now an embittered old woman. Recently, two men have been appearing at her door. One supposedly is John, whom we assume is about to write his version of the Jesus story and he wants to get Mary’s imprimatur. But the woman they see as the mother of God refuses to say what they want to hear. It’s not that her memory is gone: “I remember everything,” she says. “Memory fills my body.”
Colin MacLean,


Nicole St. Martin in DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME, by Cat Walsh
Set and Costume Design by Trevor Schmidt, Lighting Design by Beth Dart, Projection and Multimedia Design by Matt Schuurman
Photo Ian Jackson Epic Photography

Death. Blood. Dark mysteries laced with eerie hints of the supernatural. A smudgy frontier between waking and dreaming, the ambiguous nature of reality, black comedy of the shivery sort…. This is Cat Walsh's native habitat as a playwright. Her protagonist, 12-year-old Geneviève, is desperate to be an altar server. And altar servers are a boys-only elite, even though, hey, it's 1963, it's Montreal, and the old rule-bound world is rotating on its axis, starting to fling off ancient proscriptions.
Liz Nicholls,


Michelle Todd In SLUT, by Brenda McFarlane
Set & Costume Design by Trevor Schmidt, Lighting Design by Beth Dart
Photo Ian Jackson Epic Photography

Michelle Todd perfectly embodies the tightrope the modern woman must walk: don’t be too sexual or you’ll be labelled a whore; don’t be too virginal or you’ll be labelled a prude.
Jenna Marynowski - After the House Lights

No matter where you stand in the age-old sexual wars, Slut is a refreshing and entertaining way to take your old attitudes out of the closet, shake the dust off them and see if they still fit. Schmidt’s fine directorial fingerprints are all over this one even if he remains subtly hidden away behind the smart ideas and energetic pacing.  Todd, with her rebellious afro punctuated by some jaunty white flowers and contagious exuberance, is marvelous throughout. 
Colin MacLean,

S. L. U. T. The funniest set design of the season  — and the only one (to my knowledge) that actually engages in smart-ass repartee with the character onstage — is to be found in the Northern Light Theatre season finale
Liz Nicolls, 12TH NIGHT

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2018-2019 SEASON


This year’s theme centers on women’s bodies - their right to autonomy and the indomitable spirit that can reside within. From a large-scale multi-media work incorporating movement and dance in collaboration with the Good Women Dance Collective to a quietly disturbing confession about the controversy and conflict surrounding a late-term abortion in partnership with Azimuth Theatre – all three plays in NLT’s 2018-2019 season will present an unflinching look at the physical, psychological, and emotional violence inflicted on women and their bodies.  We expect our Salon Series Events to be filled with thought-provoking discussion.

Origin of the Species


by Bryony Lavery (Canadian Premiere)

October 12 – October 27, 2018
Preview October 11
Studio Theatre, ATB Financial Arts Barns
10330-84 Ave.

Featuring Holly Turner from Northern Light Theatre’s Production of THE TESTAMENT OF MARY

Evolution, feminism and comedy come together in Origin of the Species.

In Bryony Lavery's quirky Origin of the Species, ardent archaeologist Molly, digging for prehistoric man in Olduvai Gorge finds instead a four-million-year old female body. Upon kissing her lips, the four million year old woman comes to life, and is smuggled back to England and named Victoria, after Molly’s grandmother. Once in possession of this anthropological miracle, Molly spends New Year’s Eve seeking to teach Victoria what it means to be a woman in the 21st Century, and incidentally gains much more than she expected.

Origin of the Species


by Clay McLeod Chapman (Canadian Premiere)

January 18 – February 2, 2019
Preview January 17
Studio Theatre, ATB Financial Arts Barns
10330-84 Ave

Featuring the women of the Good Women Dance Collective

True Story - Four women were procured from the Ravensbruck concentration camp, hand-selected by SS Second Lieutenant Dr. Sigmund Rascher, Air Force physician. These four women were “volunteered” for a series of experiments that would eventually come to be known as the cold conference — tests specifically designed to determine the endurance of the human body to extreme temperatures. The voices of these four women have since disappeared. Where does the human spirit go when the body must remain behind, frozen inside an atrocity?

Origin of the Species

19 weeks

by Emily Steel (Canadian Premiere)

A co-production with Azimuth Theatre

March 28 – April 13, 2019
Preview March 28
Studio Theatre, ATB Financial Arts Barns
10330-84 Ave

Featuring Vanessa Sabourin (NLT Debut), Artistic Producer Azimuth Theatre

The words are rattling because the story is real. Everyone knows someone who has had an abortion or lost a pregnancy - even if they don’t talk about it. In 2016, playwright Emily Steel had a termination after her baby was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. This is her story, told honestly and publicly, because there are so many more stories out there. We want 19 weeks to be part of a bigger conversation.

Winner - Jill Blewett Playwright's Award - Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature 2018
Winner - Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award - Adelaide Fringe 2018
Nominee - Theatre Award - FRINGE WORLD 2018

JUNE 12, 5pm - 9:45pm

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We are still seeking six (6) fabulous volunteers for our June 12th Bingo to fill our entire slate of 11 positions.  All Bingos are held in Caesar’s Palace West Edmonton Mall.  A light dinner, training and a ticket to see an NLT show are provided.  Standing / walking, customer service and counting cash are required skills.

To sign up for any of these volunteer opportunities, please email Gina Moe at


NLT is an active partner in Old Strathcona’s Theatre District, working hard to find new creative ways that we can collectively work together, boost each other’s success and create a stronger voice for the arts in Edmonton.  We are dedicated to not only telling you about NLT, but all of the companies, professional and indie that work and perform in Old Strathcona.

Shadow Theatre

Fly Me To The Moon

Fly Me To The Moon

April 25 to May 13
Shows start at 7:30pm - Matinees at 2:00pm 
Doors are open one hour before show starts
Comedy with a twist

Frances and Loretta are home care workers in Belfast. But when one of their patients Davy dies unexpectedly the two cash strapped ladies are faced with an awful choice, cash in his pension and keep the news of his death a secret for a little while or call the police? Their attempt to beat the system throws them headlong into an excruciating – yet hilarious – wild ride.

"Fizzes with comic energy!" - The Belfast Telegraph

Director: John Hudson
Cast: Annette Loiselle, Elinor Holt
Costume Design: Leona Brausen
Set Design: Chantel Fortin
Lighting Design: Caro Vanrensburg
Stage Manager: Rachel Dawn Woods



Varscona Theatre
10329-83 Ave. 780-433-3399

Fringe Theatre Adventures Backstage Theatre

Last Chance Leduc

Last Chance Leduc
by Katherine Koller, directed by Tracy Carroll

Set during the 1947 Leduc oil strike, Wes and Ev struggle in the oil and water of a young marriage in peril, in winter, in a tarpaper shack in the woods, with a baby and another dry well. He wants a gusher, she wants a garden and Tricky wants a girl like Ev, his best friend’s wife. While the men work all day and all night, Ev meets a lady trapper in the woods, Nohkum, who shows her the power of the river in the difficult landscape of marriage.

Winner, Grand Prize, Alberta Playwriting Competition, 2013
Finalist, Herman Voaden National Playwriting Competition, 2015

Fringe Theatre Spotlight 2017/2018 (Family Friendly)
Fringe Theatre Adventures
10330-84 Ave. (780-448-9000)


Previews: May 8th & 9th
Opening: May 10th
Close: May 19th

Theatre Network Next Fest 2018

Last Chance Leduc

A powerful force in Edmonton’s festival season, Nextfest is the hub for the cultivation and presentation of Edmonton’s emerging professional artists in theatre, dance, music, film, spoken word, visual art, and multidisciplinary collaborations.  Unapologetically unique and exceptionally experimental, Nextfest 2018 revels in the creative voice of the next generation for ten unforgettable days in June.

Festival Director: Ellen Chorley
May 31st – June 10th
Roxy on Gateway
8529 – 103 (780- 453-4220)


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