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March 13, 2018

What we have in
this newsletter:

  1. NLT's 8th Annual Online Auction is live!
  2. Ava Bishop, our student intern, interviews the cast of DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME
  3. DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME at La Cité Francophone
    - Only 8 performances - book your tickets now
    - Preview articles
  4. What's happening in the Old Strathcona Theatre District
  5. Online Auction cheat sheet - your quick list

March 12 6pm – March 26 6pm

Online Auction is now live!

After teasing our auction for weeks – the 8th Annual Auction is now live!  Running from March 12th, 2018 at 6pm to March 26th, 2018 at 6pm.  With over 80 prizes donated from local Edmonton businesses valuing over $13,000.00, this is NLT’s largest silent auction yet!


How to Place a Bid

1.) Click on the prize icons on the auction page to find out more about each silent auction item. When you are ready to bid…

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We hope that as you are looking through the site you will take time to go down the rabbit hole and find out more about our amazing donors.  Just click on the business logos on each page to be taken directly to each company’s website.  And if you ever are in one of our sponsoring stores or restaurants, be sure to let them know that you saw them here.  We are deeply grateful to the many businesses and business owners who have made such generous donations to NLT and our event.

All of the funds raised through the 8th Annual Online Silent Auction will go directly towards NLT's artistic programming.

Check out the end of the newsletter to find a cheat sheet of all of the items available to bid on in this year’s auction.


With over $13,000.00 in donated prizes, NLT’s 8th Annual Online Auction is not to be missed!

Click on the title or image to go right to the item and bid!

Backpack filled with swag from BioWare ($250)

Online Auction is now live!

2 tickets to The Silver Arrow from the Citadel Theatre ($174)

Online Auction is now live!

3 hours of tattoo time from Eternal Ink ($450)

Online Auction is now live!

2, $100.00 gift certificates from the Holy Roller ($200)

Online Auction is now live!

1-hour photo session and $150 credit on products from Marie-Pierre
Castonguay Photography ($419)

Online Auction is now live!

$100 Gift Certificate and a Next Act T-shirt from the Next Act Pub ($135)

Online Auction is now live!

A bottle of our Vodka and a tasting tour for 12 from Rig Hand Distillery ($170)

Online Auction is now live!

2, $50 gift certificates from Seorak Teppan & Bar ($100)

Online Auction is now live!

NLT’s online auction is live. You can also check out many of the items in person at our display before each performance of DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME at La Cité Fracophone.


Over the past month we have had Ava Bishop working on our production of DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME, as a part of our student mentoring program.  She is a recent graduate of Western Canada High School in Calgary, and is passionate about pursuing a career in Stage Management.  Past productions she has worked on include: Our Town (Caravan Farm Theatre), TOUCH (Ghost River Theatre), Exploder (Ghost River Theatre/Western Canada High School), Book Club II: The Next Chapter (Lunchbox Theatre), Moon, Moon, No Moon (One Yellow Rabbit.)


Ava has been a tremendous asset to the show, and she has also taken some time to help out around NLT’s office!


Ava light walking during Lighting Level Sets for DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME

For this newsletter we asked Ava to sit down and ask the cast of DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME some questions about the show and the rehearsal process.


What made you want to be a part of Do This In Memory Of Me?

Steve Jodoin: Well, for me… I really enjoyed the first time I read the script, because it was by Cat Walsh, and I had heard of her work before so I thought ‘Cool!’, and the idea of doing it one night in French and one night in English is great, and then finally when we first read the script together there was something there… I just loved that we were touching on religion, and there’s humour in there, but there were very moving moments as well. I thought ‘I’m in’! Working with Trevor and the cast was a huge draw as well.

Brian Dooley: Well, Trevor (Schmidt) and I approached Cat about this show about two or three years ago now, and asked her if she would be interested in writing something for a particular initiative. When we received the draft I went ‘Oh, fantastic!’. The intention always was that we would do a co-production together, which we had done before, with one evening in English and one evening in French. What attracted me to the script when we finally got the draft was the world that Cat was exploring, in a kind of comically absurd way, yet there’s an awful lot of truth and realism in the play. That brought back a lot of memories for me of course. I was a very young person in 1963, and I was an altar boy, so it resonated with me in many different ways, and as such I found it very attractive. And also it was an opportunity to work with Steve, whom I’ve worked with before, and Nicky whom I haven’t worked with, and that’s always a fun thing to do and look forward too.

Nicole St. Martin: Trevor was probably one of the first theatre people I met in Edmonton when I moved here, and when he called me and asked me if I would be interested I was very excited because I had seen some of the work he had done. Then he told me Brian Dooley would be in it, and I’d seen some of the work Brian directed so I thought ‘this is going to be very exciting’! I actually didn’t even know, I hadn’t read the script, and when Trevor told me I would be playing a 12 year old I said yes right away, because you know… I was saying this to you before, it’s exciting to be playing a character that isn’t seen through a sexual or maternal lens. I thought it sounded amazing, like something different.


What has been the most challenging part of your process so far?

Brian: One of the more challenging aspects of this kind of project is to have to learn two different plays basically, because of the separate languages, in a pretty compressed amount of a time. That’s been the biggest challenge. That and finding your character.

Steve: Yeah, I think for me as well, doing the show in French and English, it’s like learning two plays. Sometimes it’s not word-for-word translations between the two languages, which is a challenge. But also, I think for me, one is being in rollerblades on stage the whole time is difficult. I haven’t rollerbladed in twenty years so it’s been a challenge! And speaking in Latin too, that’s hard.

Nicole: Latin and French. Yeah, learning the script in two different languages and then having Latin in there. Yeah, it’s definitely, definitely challenging for that reason.


How is your character like you? How is your character different from you?

Brian: Well, I’ll talk about one of the characters, only because it’s probably closer to me because I have two daughters. So the relationship that one has as a father to daughter, you know you can draw upon a variety of experiences and events in your own life. I draw on that obviously, because I certainly remember when they were that age and all the argumentation and discussion you have at that age. I draw on that for sure. For the other character, I have to draw upon the many priests I have known in my life. And I have known many, all kinds of different ones. And to try to not make fun, but to encapsulate them in a humorous way that resonates with an audience, that’s familiar enough for them. Recognizable. To make aspects of this character recognizable. As I said before, having been an altar boy many many years ago, allows you to have a particular perspective on that.

Steve: For me, Martin is funny because that’s pretty much me as a kid. Aside from the altar server part, I was never involved much with the church. The whole being a big hockey fan and a big Habs fan, always fiddling around with a hockey stick, that was me. The relationship between Martin and Genevieve too, it’s very much a boy/girl, bugging your friends, and I totally see myself in that. That was the old days, how being a boy and trying to make friends with a girl was bugging each other, and that how you showed that you like each other. That was exactly how it was with me, didn’t have to dig too far for that. For St. Pancras, a martyr, he’s very there and in your face, that’s very part of my personality. Loud and somewhat obnoxious, and thinks he has an answer for everything. That’s kind of me as well. The cool thing with him is he’s projection and voice over, which is fun and there’s still a lot of room for discovery. Between those two guys, they’re so different, which is a lot of fun for me to develop both characters and explore. Lots of fun.

Nicole: This is actually an exercise I do in preparation before I come into rehearsal, I write a list of everything my character and I have in common and don’t have in common. Some of the things Genevieve and I do have in common is that I was also very religious as a child, and I really wanted to be close to God, and I used to want to be ordained. And although Genevieve doesn’t want to be ordained, she says so, she does want to be more involved in the whole ritual of the church. I do remember feeling really disappointed and really curious about what people’s justification was for not allowing women to be priests. So, I feel like some of those questions she has are some of the questions I had as a kid. Also what I find particularly interesting is the relationship between Genevieve and her dad, and Father Paul and Genevieve, in that there’s a certain point as a girl where all of a sudden men treat you differently because you’re growing up. And you’re no longer a kid but you’re not really a woman yet, and there’s this certain trepidation that people sort of feel around you, and as a girl you feel that trepidation but you don’t know how to qualify and what to think about it, and it’s a very uncomfortable feeling. You just want people to secure you, and listen to you, and love you, yet you’re being treated differently and it’s very confusing. Things that I don’t have in common with her is that my mom didn’t go away, she was very present in my life, and I didn’t grow up in 1963 in Montreal. However my mom did, so I’ve been mining some of her stories of that time to understand the situation then. The Vatican at that time too was changing things, so very religious people living through those changes were going through a sort of a special moment.


Without giving too much away, what’s one of your favourite line’s that you say or someone else says?

Brian: [to Steve] I always laugh when you say ‘Did you just tell me to shut up in church? That’s a sin.’

Steve: [to Nicole] I like when you say something at the end about liking him looking down on you, ‘even if he is a jerk’. I also like when Martin is trying to help Genevieve and he suggests she work in the Ladies Auxiliary and make sandwiches.

Nicole: Yeah, I like the line Steve’s talking about, ‘it’s nice to have someone who watches over you, even if they’re a bit of a jerk.’

Thank you to Ava and the Cast of DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME

MARCH 13-25, 2018


By Edmonton playwright CAT WALSH
With French translation by MANON BEAUDOIN

Co-production with L’UniThéâtre
March 13- 25, 2018
La Cité Francophone

Brian Dooley, Steve Jodoin, Nicole St. Martin
Directed by
Trevor Schmidt     

“Montreal, 1963- the world is on a precipice of major change in the fields of science, civil rights and women’s liberation.  Twelve-year-old Genevieve, the only girl in her large religious family, wants nothing more than to be an altar server at her church.  Father Paul tells her that girls are strictly not allowed - so Genevieve prays to God to change his mind.  When star altar boy Martin disappears on his way home from school, Genevieve wonders if her prayers have been answered  – in the most terrible way.” 

Comedy/Drama, Family Friendly (Suitable for Children attending with an adult)

DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME is being performed in both French and English by a single bilingual cast on alternating performance nights.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 7:30PM Preview
(Pay what you can preview)

Thursday, March 15, 2018, 7:30PM
Opening with Reception by Café Bicyclette

Sunday, March 18, 2018, 2:00PM Matinee
(Preshow Director’s Circle Event in Rotunda at 1pm)

Sunday, March 18, 2018, 7:30PM Performance

Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 7:30PM Performance
(NLT 2 for 1 Ticket sold at the door)

Friday, March 23, 2018, 7:30PM Performance
(Post show Guest Speaker Salon)

Sunday, March 25, 2018, 2:00PM Matinee

Sunday, March 25, 2018 7:30PM Closing

Single Tickets
Available at the door, on the website, or call
$25 Student/Senior
$30 Adult
$20 Matinee
(all prices do not include GST)

Group Tickets
Group Rates are available at Northern Light Theatre at $20.00 per ticket for groups of 10 or more.

Mid-Season Subscriptions Are Still Available! 
NLT continues to offer Subscription Ticket Prices that cannot be beat. For the remaining two shows in our season: DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME and SLUT, you can see two shows for the price of one!
Opening Night: $40.00
Adult: $35.00
Student/Senior: $25.00
Preview or Sunday Matinee: $20.00

To Book your tickets for one of the English Performances
Call Northern Light Theatre at (780)471-1586, book online at or email General Manager Gina Moe at

Want to see the show again in French with a 50% discount?
If you would like to see the show again in French, you can receive a 50% discount to a French performance with your Northern Light Theatre Ticket Stub. To learn more about the French performance dates, times and ticket prices, please call 780-469-8400 or visit 
(Different ticket prices, dates, and start times apply to the French Performances)



L’UniThéâtre Performance Space (La Cité Francophone)
8627 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury (8627-91 Street NW)
Edmonton, AB

La Cité Francophone is a lively community hub with galleries, the Café Bicyclette Bistro and their weekly Sunday afternoon farmer’s market.   There is free parking located along the North side of the building as well as residential parking.

Theatre Space (capacity 120)

For Tickets to the English Performances please visit or call

For Tickets to the French Performances please visit or call 780-469-8400

Accessibility: The facility and theatre are wheel chair accessible.  (Wheel Chair seating is limited to the main floor, so it is important to book in advance so your seats are reserved for you.)
Our performance run also coincides with the Annual French Canadian Sugar Shack event, celebrating the maple harvest, March 16-17, and 23-24.  Starting at 6pm Café Bicyclette offers their special Sugar Shack Dinner for $75.00 per person.

Café Bicyclette is open before and after each performance. If you would like to add a beautiful dining experience of French-Country cuisine to your evening visit to find out more.



Do This in Memory of Me asks, what if saints answered your prayers?

Award winning playwright sees life through the eyes of a 12-year-girl in new work

Liane Faulder | Edmonton Journal

Northern Light shines on Catholic sexual politics

Mike Ross | Gig City



Shadow Theatre presents
by John Patrick Shanley
Mar. 7 -15, 2018
Varscona Theatre
10329 – 83 Avenue

An Irish love story

Anthony and Rosemary are two introverted misfits straddling 40. Anthony has spent his entire life on a cattle farm in rural Ireland, a state of affairs that—due to his painful shyness—suits him well. Rosemary lives right next door, determined to have him, watching the years slip away. With Anthony's father threatening to disinherit him and a land feud simmering between their families, Rosemary has every reason to fear romantic catastrophe. But then, in this very Irish story with a surprising depth of poetic passion, these yearning, eccentric souls fight their way towards solid ground and some kind of happiness. Their journey is heartbreaking, funny as hell, and ultimately deeply moving. A compassionate, delightful work about how it's never too late to take a chance on love. "a valentine to the wonder and weirdness of love." —NY Daily News.

Director: John Hudson
Cast: Coralie Cairns, Glenn Nelson, Jenny McKillop, Garett Ross
Set & Lights: Daniel vanHeyst
Sound Design: Dave Clarke
Costume Design: Terrilee Shannon
Stage Manager: Steph Link


Send in the Girls Burlesque presents: 
A Canadian Burlesque Review
Mar. 30-31st, 2018
Capitol Theatre in Fort Edmonton Park

We dare you to join us and the Send in the Girls Burlesque for an uninhibited look into the untold story of Canadian feminists, heroines and trailblazers, WITH GLOWING HEARTS is a thrilling burlesque adventure.  Enjoy and evening of dance and attitude with the award-winning burlesque troupe. Hosted by the incomparable Albertan feminist Nellie McClung, you won’t want to miss this patriotic party.

“It’s a smart, funny, sexy riot. We learn a lot about the Famous Five, Laura Secord, two Klondike Kates and the Edmonton Grads. And by the end of the show, we wonder if maybe we’re all dopes by not taking up burlesque in our spare time.”
– Todd Babiak

“Set to Canadian earworms from the “Hockey Night in Canada Theme,” all the way to Celine Dion hits, this performance is almost worth the price of admission for the musical nostalgia trip alone. But, it also packs impressive levity into each dance number: a tightly choreographed routine where women tease off their zany historical costumes.”
— Vue Weekly

Written by: Ellen Chorley
Choreography by: Leah Patterson
Featuring:  Ellen Chorley, LeTabby Lexington, Sarah Jackson, Madelaine Knight, Kiki Quinn, Sydney Parcey

This adult rated show includes coarse language, mature subjects, and partial nudity.  Not suitable for minors.



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