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$9,500 $5,300

In a wild spree of “money-liberating”, notorious outlaw criminals Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are sweeping across Edmonton, collecting cash (and cheques and credit card numbers) from businesses, corporations and private citizens. Could YOU be next on their list?

Local law officials say these ‘donations’ are earmarked for Bonnie & Clyde- The Two Person, Six-Gun Musical- the final production of Northern Light Theatre’s 2016-2017 Season, running May 4th-21st, 2017. Chatter around the local watering hole reveals that Parker and Barrow state that they won’t stop until they raise $9,500.00 to fill out their rowdy gang with a live band.

“We’ve already got haunting melodies in this rip-roarin’, wild-ride musical, but it takes a lotta moolah to secure a gee-tar and a skin-tickler with his own set of drums!” says an unnamed source close to the infamous couple.

Sources that have ‘donated’ to the couple’s cause have been left a little lighter on cash but say they feel invigorated by supporting the arts and that they were pleased to hear they could be offered a tax receipt for a donation of as little as a sawbuck or a five-spot.

Time is ticking toward the deadline and the authorities are closing in. Don’t risk getting popped when you come face-to-face with this dangerous twosome. Better to hand it over now- and know you’ve done the right thing for yourself, your family and your local arts community.

How you can support this theatrical steal-of-a-deal:

  1. Buy the house for your special event:  Our intimate setting in the PCL theatre holds only 50 seats. At our $20.00 group rate you could buy the entire house for only $1000.00, and have your own Bonnie & Clyde Night!  (Re-sell as a part of your own fundraising event or special event party).
    NLT is also available to help you arrange for a bar at Fringe Theatre Adventures- and arrange for Catering at additional costs.
  2. Make a cash donation:   Donations of all denominations are welcome and will receive a charitable tax receipts. Donations of over $200.00 will receive two tickets to Bonnie and Clyde.
  3. Make an In-kind donation:  Northern Light Theatre is holding an annual silent auction coinciding with the run of Bonnie and Clyde and we are looking for items from local business for prizes in the auction.  Do you own a business that can make a donation towards our silent auction?
  4. Buy tickets to see Bonnie & Clyde.   NLT has the most reasonable live ticket prices in town at $30.00 for adults, $25.00 for student/senior, and $20.00 for our matinee performance.
    If you can’t attend Bonnie & Clyde, consider becoming a season subscriber in 2017-2018.

NLT’s mandate is to challenge both artist and audience alike by producing and developing provocative scripts – language rich texts that are dark, poetic, funny – which reflect a complex world and lead us to question our hierarchy of values. Our risky, controversial and provocative productions have received glowing reviews and critical response and we are recognized for the craftsmanship and high production values that your contribution and support affords us. It is only with the support of patrons such as yourselves that we are able to continue to produce, create and develop works that distinguish NLT as a risk-taking, vibrant force of thought-provoking entertainment.

We would love your support and participation – as donors, sponsors, audience members and subscribers. Subscribe to NLT’s newsletter for all of our latest news and updates on the scoundrel Barrow gang as they cut a swath across our city…..


Artistic Director

PDF Bonnie and Clyde 2017 - Northern Light Theatre Donation Letter

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