Edmonton Sun
...any outline of the story in a short review can't possibly give you the richness and depth of Edie's play, Trevor Schmidt's sympathetic production and Lambert's compelling performance… Her Trisha thinks of herself as "dumb," and sometimes she can't find the right words but in the final moments the words are there and the actress will bring tears to your eyes. Five stars.
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Vue Weekly The Pink Unicorn, and much to her chagrin, Trisha Lee finds herself on the dividing edge of LGBTQ issues when her daughter cuts off her hair, comes out as genderqueer and attempts to form a GSA at the high school. Mother ends up stuck between the church-going crowd she’s always happily been a part of and her daughter’s explorations of a spectrum she didn’t even know existed, much less understands.
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Finster Finds Theatre Blog
This is a play for every parent and child… I think everyone with a child 15+ should think about taking them to it. It's for the parent who couldn't understand their child as they grew and the child who didn't realize what their parent was going through. And I don't just mean parents of gay or gender queer children, it's for every parent because your children are going to be who they are and you can't control that, but you can accept them regardless of what they turn out to be. I highly recommend.
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Ephemeral Pleasures Theatre Blog
It is an impressive solo performance of a good script, it is a story of contemporary queer lives that has a happy ending, it is a celebration of family love and personal growth that are not in contradiction, it is enjoyable for people who are familiar with LGBTQ issues and those who are not, and it is a valuable discussion-starter that has had me thinking ever since.
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After the House Lights
I love everything about Elise Forier Edie's script and the way one-woman powerhouse Louise Lambert performed it.
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